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Training &
Capability Building

1/2 to multi-day facilitated training focused on improving internal capabilities.

Build the skills to shape and continually evolve your long term branding strategy.

Brand Strategy
Market Positioning

Learn how to identify, map and position your offering in a competitive marketplace.

Customer & User Insights

Learn how to discover what drives your customers and users and want they want.

Innovation Training & Services

Identify and learn new business capabilities for designing future products for your customers.

Product Design

Utilising user centered R&D, validation and design to commercialise products and services.

Idea Validation

Clarity of the problem being tackled and what’s already in-market.

Explore and observe users, trends, materials and technology to gain insights.

User Research

Design conceptualisation and ideation  to form visualised concepts.

Concept Design

Iterative design cycles to establish a deeper more refined direction.

User Testing

Physical user testing to help get insight vs instinct driven feedback.

Design for Manufacture

Taking design concepts and making them into tangible physical goods that can be manufactured at scale.


High resolution looks like and works like models to test proof of concept.

Material selection that maximise processes and enable unique functions.

Materials & Processes

Production ready design files that can be easily mass-produced.

Manufacture guidance

Liaising with suppliers to ensure quality and timelines are upheld.

Brand Identity

Strategic storytelling that helps you connect and interact with customers in more valuable ways.

Brand Story

Telling a compelling story around the product’s unique look feel & IP.

Iconic logos that are designed to handle production processes.

Logos & Icons

Translating the brand story into a marketable visual expression.

Visual Identity

Packaging that offers protection in transit and impact on shelf.

Experience & Digital

Build unique experiences that enhance and transform products across digital & physical platforms.


Designing dynamic spaces for showcasing a product or immersive story.

Digital interactions experienced through a mixed-reality viewport.

Augmented Reality

Digital animations that make your story or point of difference come to life.

Motion Graphics

Simple websites that give you a digital portal to launch your product.

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